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Cousteau Expeditions
Antarctica - Caspian Sea - Madagascar - St. Lawrence

For half a century, Cousteau teams have traveled throughout the world to document humanity's relationship with ecosystems for television films and publications.  Each place they visit holds a unique lesson for present and future generations.  The excerpts below provide a glimpse into the wonders of the Water planet that continue to inspire The Cousteau Society's explorations.

smallmapant.jpg (4536 bytes) Lilliput in Antarctica, 1990: Captain Cousteau and six children undertake a one-of-a-kind voyage to claim the ice continent for future generations.
smallmapmadg.jpg (6014 bytes) Madagascar, 1994:  Extremes of terrain and a wondrous diversity of wildlife borne of evolutionary isolation bless and challenge a growing human population.
smallmapcaspian.jpg (7028 bytes) Caspian Sea, 1998:  Under the aegis of Unesco, the Cousteau team surveys all five littoral countries of the world's largest inland sea to draw up a complete environmental assessment.
smallstlawmap.jpg (6869 bytes) St. Lawrence River, 1999Alcyone revisits Canadian waters that Calypso traveled two decades before to see how whales have fared.

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