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Issues of the Water Planet 
Coral Reefs - Marine Protected Areas - Whales - Fisheries

The Cousteau Society believes that an informed and alerted public can make better decisions to protect the Water Planet for future generations.  These are a few of the issues in which the Society is involved; for more information, click on the titles.   Then, join the Society to receive Calypso Log and keep learning about the issues that affect the Water Planet!

pinkcoral.jpg (13429 bytes) Coral Reefs
The Cousteau Society's Science Advisor Dr. Phil Dustan leads an ongoing commitment to the preservation of these important ecosystems.  His reports on the work of the Coral Reef Task Force appears regularly in Calypso Log.
nudibranch_ca.jpg (12105 bytes) Marine Protected Areas
The Cousteau Society and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute convened an international group of marine conservation experts to discuss measures to protect biological diversity and integrity of US waters through marine protected areas (MPAs).
pilotwhale-canaries.jpg (6474 bytes) Whales
The Cousteau Society continues its advocacy of a permanent moratorium on commercial whaling, as an official observer at meetings of the International Whaling Commission, interventions with government representatives and cooperative educational programs.
shark.jpg (5556 bytes) Fisheries
In Jamaica, Captain Cousteau met an old man hauling in 3 minuscule fish. The man had reduced the size of his trap's mesh to catch anything at all because, he shrugged, "there are no more fish like there used to be... and I have to eat." Did this encounter presage the fisheries of the future?