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Cousteau Programs
Dolphin Log in the Classroom-Cousteau Label-Coastal Workers-Ecotechnie-Waters of Peace

Under the leadership of president Francine Cousteau, The Cousteau Society and Equipe Cousteau have initiated programs to encourage human communities, at all levels from national governments to villages, to strive for environmentally sound, sustainable management of natural resources.

compassrose.gif (909 bytes) Dolphin Log in the Classroom. Through this educational initiative, sponsors can provide individual copies of the Cousteau Society's award-winning children's magazine Dolphin Log to every child in an elementary school classroom throughout the school year.  Children love the articles, puzzles, games and colorful illustrations. At the same time, they learn about the environmental issues facing the Water Planet they will inherit.

compassrose.gif (909 bytes) Waters of Peace. Years ago, Captain Cousteau observed that the waters of the world were being seriously threatened, treated as giant public dumping areas. Since then, much have been done to curtail ocean dumping but the evolution of technology unfortunately has entailed “innovations” of pollution and waste, too. The Waters of Peace program motivates decision-makers and responsible authorities to focus on the dangers linked to the waste products created by industrialization and conflict.

compassrose.gif (909 bytes) Cousteau LabelPollution on the coast of France is not an isolated problem that requires attention only in the summer months. To help communities address this serious problem year round, Equipe Cousteau and The Cousteau Society invite coastal communities to apply for a Cousteau Label of environmental commitment. Candidates subscribe to the standards of the Cousteau Charter and establish an action plan for harmonious management of natural resources. This program is beginning in Europe, and will expand to other countries in the future.

compassrose.gif (909 bytes) Coastal Workers.  In order to perpetuate coastal zone protection, Equipe Cousteau and The Cousteau Society propose a new standard of permanent professional workers to maintain constant vigilance over environmental conditions. A course of training for coastal workers that is adapted to the needs of littoral communities will build a veritable employment network of expertise that will extend throughout France and all over the planet, to protect and rehabilitate Earth for generations to come

compassrose.gif (909 bytes) Ecotechnie
Together with UNESCO, The Cousteau Society and Equipe Cousteau are developing an international network of university-level programs of study, using the principles of Ecotechnie to incorporate ecology, economics, technology and the social sciences, for tomorrow's decision-makers. Institutions from Romania to Bahrain have established Ecotechnie programs to date and Ecotechnie graduates are already in the workaday world, making a difference.

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